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Light4Nations is a mission organization that cooperates in Israel with Jews and Palestinians who believe in Jesus. Together with them we share the wonderful gospel of our Lord Jesus.

L4N believes that God has called us to serve Israel in word and deed. This calling has come from God's word, the Bible. The Light4Nations foundation was born from Isaiah 49! This basic text gives us a holy motivation to experience God's adventures through L4N.

Israel is central to everything that L4N organizes. God's promise to Israel is to save this world!

God let his son be born a Jew, that one Jew could become the light for the world. Israel was chosen for this. (Isa. 49) The Bible says in Luke 2: if we can lead people to Jesus, Israel will be honored!

L4N is blessed with a leader team, many volunteers and a modern multifunctional office in Drachten. Take a look at our website and be inspired. On behalf of the L4N team, I would like to invite you to come and meet us. The coffee is ready!

Be the Light!

Israel trip in  April 2019 29 March / 7 April

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Which give a beautiful impression through which

you may make the choice to participate in such an explore journey, Explore Israel, explore your life and come back completely changed, because whoever participates in such a journey cannot return home unchanged.