Saturday 29 June 2019

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You are Radiant that is the theme that Carry will talk about this day.


Carry van Charante
will share the Word with us this day. Carry has been married to Peter for 25 years this year. And together they are also part of the Leadership of Ready Church. They have 2 children.

Carry has a real passie and passion for "the things of the Lord" So she also has the calling to be there for women; just to talk to women in a relaxed atmosphere, how they can make time for the Lord's things despite their busy agendas. Carry, works 4 days / week. However, God is always in 1st place ...... since that day!

"He called me by my name

It has been almost 28 years since I woke up one night with a voice so soft yet so penetrating that my name called "Car ... Car ..." A voice so loving and so familiar! But who, nobody calls me Car, unless you know me well. It was as if I was suddenly in a swimming pool, on the highest diving board, in the dark!

I was a little cold and scared. And again that voice called "Car." And at that moment I felt my heart jump! I realized it was the Lord Jesus. He called me! Tears streamed down my cheeks of emotion. I fell to my knees. A huge joy came over me. And I was filled with so much love.
At the same time I knew that I had to jump off that diving board and I got up and jumped! I heard myself exclaim
"Lord Jesus, here I am". Since then my life has been a journey with Him. His promise is written in
Isa. 43: 1-3a Isa. 43: 10-12

Therefore, I will always testify about Abba, Father. The Love of Jesus. And the Holy Spirit

And I do that together with my husband Peter in Ready Church.
At your service!

God bless,
Car (ry) from Charante



Saturday 13 April 2019

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Amarja van der Woerd is married to Thierry, both are entrepreneurs, each in his and her own profession. Amarja is passionate about helping people realize their potential. Uniqueness, value, and achieving your goal are topics that she shares with enthusiasm. She has a deep-rooted conviction that unique talents must reach their goal and she has been training on this subject for years. She is primarily motivated to help women see their own value: "Women all over the world struggle with insecurity, aimlessness and oppression. I do not believe that was God's intention when He created His daughters. There is worldwide a movement going on where women are encouraged to stand up, both literally and proverbially, I believe that God has called me to help women do this and see, believe, claim, and deploy their value and personal purpose. you believe that God made you for a specific purpose and that you are His heir, then that must be very special! "