Ie dienst van Ready Church




A lot of blessing with God's Ready Church. May it grow into God's greatest Kingdom!

Liefs Marva, Tina Webster, Tina Sweissen,

Taiees Vis & Familie

Many blessings with Ready Church!

Liset Statie & Tylisha Ataliede

Get up, be enlightened, because your light is coming
and the glory of the LORD ascends upon you.
Arise & shine
Wera Gomes
❤ Leoni, Heavenly & Marlee
Lots of blessings and love from God for all
all who visit your church
with kind regards
van Jaap & Geertje Anke xxx
" don't forget your breathing"
Very good start and we are happy that you have this one
community started, keep it up!❤
Chelsea, Jaycen, Jazmay & Cheyenne









We pray God's rich blessing on your new church

Fam.V/D Kroft

Praying for your Church!

God Bless you

FAm. Froussis


Dear brothers and sisters,
What a great 1st service, a word about love, it's good, God is good. I pray you his shalom, his blessing and closeness. Expect everything from Him and receive His Blessing and carry it on In Christ covenants, Shalom.
Arrian Rook
Dear Michel & Mimi, How wonderful to experience the first service of Ready Church with you! God has begun a work and He will finish it! Lots of love and blessings!

Pierre & Linda Meijer







Thank you very much for Father and Holy Spirit


Thank you Father for this party. I always hope and wait in the shadow of the father.


The best day, today was a great day with the Father!



If the Lord does not build the house, the builders toil in vain.

A lot of blessing on your work!

Big kiss, 

Henk en Gerrie


Jesaja 60:1

Rise up and shine.

Deuteronomium 32

Worn on Eagle's wings.

Gods zegen, Hillebrand-Light4Nations


Wish you all the best!

God bless ❤ Fam. Bosman - Ramdayal